Little Bloom’s  Core Values

 Creativity... our team will deliver research based, multi-sensory curriculum to challenge and fulfill each child's curiosity

Health & Safety... we commit to offer the best possible environment for the mind and body of each employee and child. 

Integrity...we commit to treat each individual equally and fairly and to run a sound business that provides a service you can rely on. 

Love...of our profession and of children to create a relationship where everyone will feel safe and free to be who they are. 

Diversity...of our experienced team and uniqueness of each child and the various backgrounds they all bring to the center.



Infant Classroom - 6 weeks to Walking 

The Infant Program has a curriculum based on multi-sensory learning.  Our licensed and trained teaching staff creates learning opportunities for each child.  They incorporate the concepts of trust, discovery, gross/fine motor skills, language, understanding and the feeling that they are safe outside of the home.  The classrooms are set up to promote exploration and they are warm, inviting and stimulating for our young learners.   Because the infant years are so delicate, we are technologically savvy where we utilize an application on our IPAD called "Baby Connect" where you will receive real-time information of your baby's day at the Center. Because it is so crucial that you should be a part of every ounce of milk and every minute slept, you get reliable information from work or home exactly at what time, for how long your baby's activities have occurred. We wouldn't want you to miss a moment in the first years.



toddler Classroom - Walking to 24 months old 

Our Toddler Program embraces the children's new found need for independence and drive for exploration.  A passionate team of teachers creates a welcoming safe environment with a curriculum that can keep up with the children's energy.  Their day includes circle time, fine / gross motor, language, art, music, block play, story time and outside play.  This beginning stage of group structure will prepare the children for their next big adventure...Preschool.



Our Spacious Outdoor play area