Dear Parent,

We warmly welcome you and your family to Little Bloom Early Child Development Center.  We are very honored you chose US to care for and educate the most precious people in your lives. You have our promising word that we will do everything in our power to strive to keep your child safe, sound and utmost happy.

What started out as a business venture, Contractor and Dad of Sevilay and Emre had an opportunity to help build a preschool that would be, "custom fit" for his own children. He had the opportunity to help build the preschool his children would attend. The Center opened in May of 2010 and later in January of 2012; it would be run by his spouse, Reyhan Uygur, Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and mother.

The school was built with a vision that if parents could not take their children to a museum every day, that the museum would come to them. Hence, the Submarine in the middle of the Center was built. Little Bloom Early Child Development Center takes great pride in having created a, "gem" center where your child/ren are not only educationally but also visually stimulated. We are the new generation preschool that every child dreams of attending and will remember for the rest of their lives.

At Little Bloom Early Child Development Center, "Safety" is our first concern. Aside from the code key in the front door, we have over ten surveillance cameras throughout the center.  Teaching and modeling a Healthy Lifestyle is our second most important goal.  Eating right, performing YOGA every morning before circle time and emphasizing good hand washing among staff and children are ways we strive to promote healthy lifestyles. "Loving Environment and Love of Learning" is our third vision and goal. We decided to keep, "walls" out of the classrooms to eliminate such young children from feeling bored of being within four walls for long periods of time.  From every snack purchased, to teachers hired, to curriculum initiated, you have our word that only if it is good enough for our own children, will it be good enough for yours!

Because the early years are critical in human development, what is learned now will forever be with your child as they enter adolescence and continue on to adulthood.  That is why building a grounded foundation in childhood is critically important for them to become successful adults. We promise that at the end of their journey at Little Bloom, they will walk away with life's greatest gift... learning they may take advantage of every opportunity presented to them in their journey through life.

Licensed by the Community Care Licensing Division of California, the center is dedicated to the development of children and we commit to exhibit our core values in everything we do.


Preschool classrooms

Preschoolers show much success when involved in hands on learning and multi-sensory activities.  The design and flow of the classrooms have been specially thought out to promote a maximum learning environment while feeling as if they were at play!  Our experienced teaching staff delivers creative curriculums that keep the children interested and involved with tons of dancing and music.   Our year round curriculum incorporates the Handwriting Without Tears, Musical Letter Sounds and Music Together programs.  This includes circle time, fine/gross motor skills, art, dramatic play, science, music, sand/water play, block play, story time and outside play. 


Pre-Kindergarten Classroom 

Pre-K is very similar to Preschool... just a higher level curriculum. These children are learning writing; the letter sounds eventually blending letters which is the initial step in reading. Fine motor is focused on a little more as well as following a classroom schedule.  Ongoing studies of essential key experiences will prepare our students for their next phase in life...Kindergarten.  It is our personal goal that children are one step ahead as they enter kindergarten successfully! 


Our Spacious Outdoor play area